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Do you have a PCB, cable, enclosure or control panel project? Are you looking for electrical or electronics pre-production or site support? Do you have an idea that needs making a reality? Maybe there’s a fault that needs finding, or you’re looking to update or modify a project… We’re presented with many scenarios from clients knowing that we excel at problem solving, thinking creatively and devising practical, cost-effective solutions.  

Teknik is a small, UK-based, ISO 9001:2015 approved contract electronics manufacturing company with over 30 years’ experience. We’re practical, flexible, hands-on, and enjoy working with a wide range of industrial and commercial organisations, as well as companies operating in the oil and gas, water treatment and aerospace sectors.  

We’d be happy to meet and chat through your project. Give us a call on 01454 250267 or email info@teknikuk.com We like a challenge. 

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Our expertise working on oil and gas platforms has so far been called upon in the UK, the North Sea, Middle East, Africa and North America. The requirements are wide-ranging and, in all cases, actions and progress of tasks are communicated clearlyAn ability to work autonomously pro-actively or integrate quickly into an established team have proved to be great assetsAssignments include design support; PCB and control panel build and wire; mechanical overhaul; Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT); Site Acceptance Testing (SAT), Chromatograph testing and set-up; instrument test and set-up; fault-findinginstrument tube installation and commissioning.  

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We have worked within this sector at various stages of a project lifecycle – on test equipment, landing gear, fuel systems and bespoke interfaces. We also provide structures testing and obsolescence support. Working closely with other functions to deliver the projects, we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate confidently with the client’s team. Good housekeeping and cleanliness in work areas, and a commitment to safe working practices are a given, as is an adherence to our client’s quality standards. 

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A niche sector with transferrable skills. We provide a development service for new medical training products, together with remedial tasks and modifications for existing products. We manufacture PCB, cables and enclosures that, crucially, meet international standards.

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We are able to apply our skills to a wide range of industries. In the past we have worked with organisations involved in marine power control and signal monitoring, materials stress-testing and heat treatment, optical analysis, and forensic equipment and vacuum systems.

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[prkwp_service name=”Design and Development” icon_type=”custom_image” align=”center” prk_in=”We can work with you from your basic concept, however simple and take this to a fully-documented design, followed by prototypes, pre-production, all the way through to final manufacture & test.” icon_up_color=”#49b6b2″ css_animation=”pulse_fade_waypoint”]
[prkwp_service name=”Prototypes” icon_type=”custom_image” align=”center” prk_in=”We’re regularly commissioned to undertake the prototyping stage to prove principles and assess feasibility, before the project is progressed by the client in-house.” icon_up_color=”#49b6b2″ css_animation=”pulse_fade_waypoint” el_class=”delay-300″]
[prkwp_service name=”PCB Assembly” icon_type=”custom_image” align=”center” prk_in=”We are able to assemble a small to medium volume of PCBs. We undertake conventional and surface mount jobs, to be utilised in both commercial environments and hazardous areas.” icon_up_color=”#49b6b2″ css_animation=”pulse_fade_waypoint” el_class=”delay-600″]
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[prkwp_service name=”Panel Wiring and Box Build” icon_type=”custom_image” align=”center” prk_in=”We build everything from small, bespoke interface units, to multi-bay complete SCADA and Supervisory systems.
We are widely experienced in interpreting drawings and schematics, so we will feedback with any queries to avoid re-work and charges post-build.” icon_up_color=”#49b6b2″ css_animation=”pulse_fade_waypoint”]
[prkwp_service name=”Technical Support” icon_type=”custom_image” align=”center” prk_in=”Clients requiring our concept to completion expertise, benefit from our many years’ experience. We’ll recommend the best solutions, advising on options for both components and packages.” icon_up_color=”#49b6b2″ css_animation=”pulse_fade_waypoint” el_class=”delay-300″]
[prkwp_service name=”Site Support and Commissioning” icon_type=”custom_image” align=”center” prk_in=”As well as assisting in the commissioning of new plant onshore and offshore, we install, test and repair kit in existing systems, providing operational instructions as appropriate.” icon_up_color=”#49b6b2″ css_animation=”pulse_fade_waypoint” el_class=”delay-600″]
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[pirenko_contact_info company_name=”TEKNIK” street_address=”22 Green Dragon Road, Winterbourne” locality=”Bristol” postal_code=”BS36 1HF” tel=”+44 (0)1454 250267″ email=”info@teknikuk.com” text_color=”#ffffff” css_animation=”right-to-left”][/pirenko_contact_info]
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